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Team of Dolls
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VGMAND 2017 - 娃间道之香港一声笑 
24th-Nov-2017 08:13 am


Original song link

Megu-Chun : Gone Hong Kong for a trip. Being a fan of Louis Cha novels based TV/movies, Ghost in the Shell and Hong Kong Street Fighter comics. Much geeking about was involved. Dollism Plus 11 pics in flickr album, still not very used to posting like this.

Megu-Chun: In the name of Hong Kong comic-dom, this needs to be done. Do you have what it takes to learn my Ultimate Kicking technique? If you want to challenge Cloud, He's at Ani-com park

Megu-Chun: Anyway, my Master grew up on Hong Kong Comics, mainly stuff related to Street Fighter and King of Fighters(US comics were difficult to obtain in the 90s) For some reasons some of the plot lines came from the Storm Riders series or Louis Cha novels(The various wuxia series were drawn in comics or made into TV/movies). Do visit Comic Home Base for a look at a part of Hong Kong's comic history. You can find Wind at Hong Kong Avenue of Comic stars

Megu-Chun: Since we are on the topic of Wuxia. Do visit the Hong Kong Heritage Museum, There's the Louis Cha gallery as well as some event type galleries. We ran in a Pixar related exhibition while visiting.

Tachikoma: And because Ghost in the Shell anime used Hong Kong as a reference. Take the open top tram ride to spot some locations in the OVA or movie

Oh and do visit Dollism Plus 11 if not Dollvie to make your dollieh trip complete. Always amazing to be able to see the details of the dolls in person.
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