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Team of Dolls
Play. Inspire. Entertain. In lols we seek
Morning kata 
17th-Mar-2016 07:10 am
Jack: Zzz....
Helen:....Is there coffee? No? *remains in the doll bag
Obi-Chun: Go knock yourself out. We're leaving this one for you. *noms sandwich and enjoys the view
Obi-Chun: What?! None of us are wearing anything suited for this shoot.
Ryu: Lazy bums.

Morning kata001

Morning kata002

Morning kata003

Ryu: Team Sunset Joggers not awake to do sunrise jog.
Morning Kata004

Morning Kata005

Morning Kata006

Morning Kata007

Obi-Chun: Lower Seletar Resevoir. For us it is usually a view seen from the train or bus. For the sake of the catching sunrise project, we just had to come here.
Lower Seletar Sunrise

Helen: Or at least this is one of the resevoirs we know of that stands a higher chance of catching sunrise.


21st-Mar-2016 03:55 pm (UTC)
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