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Team of Dolls
Play. Inspire. Entertain. In lols we seek
VGMAND 2015 Tokyo - Parabox Homecoming 
7th-Aug-2015 01:45 pm
Megu-Chun: Doll Fort Parabox~~~~~~~~~! So good to be back!
Chibi Helen: Even though the four of us came from the Junkyspot side of things
Yuri: There's a definite Fate/Stay Trend to most of these blog subtitles
Kula: Oh oh! Can I get new eyes?

Gretel: Would you like to upsize your S-Gretel to a 1/3 Gretel to accompany your Megu?
005 Parabox 001

005 parabox002

005 parabox003

1/6 Gretel: Would your Gretels like some new outfits?
005 parabox004

005 parabox005

005 parabox006

005 parabox007

005 parabox008

005 parabox010

005 parabox011

Summer Holiday GO!!!!!!!!
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Licca-chan Hetairoi!
Gate of I.Doll-dom!
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Doll Fort Parabox
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