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Team of Dolls
Play. Inspire. Entertain. In lols we seek
VGMAND 2015 Tokyo - The AZONE 
4th-Aug-2015 12:33 pm
Kula: Neemo Neemo Neemo Neemo-
*Taki smacks Kula on the upside of the head.
Kula: OW!!!! What was that for?!!?!?!
Taki: Azone label shop is not the Twilight zone! My relatives are here!
Yuri: Along with some Obitsu, Visual doll, Momoko, Fashion Royalty Pullips

Voice from shop: Buy me! Buy me! Buy me!
Yuri: Are we suppose to suppress Azone temptation?
Chibi Helen: Nope. We're here to get a spare Aika shell or Momoko and more Obitsu
Yuri: More Obitsu?
Chibi Helen: What's one more? 11 is a symmetrical number.

Voice from shop: Buy this nice outfit for your Neemos and Obitsu if you're not buying me!!!
Kula: Who is that?!
Chibi Helen: Probably a PH2-W01 that Obi-Chun 's operating remotely, if not an Aika calling for Taki. Or my Obi50 head.
Yuri: No way! She can do that?!
Chibi Helen: She's not the Mother of Dolls for nothing, you know.
Voice from shop: Stay longer~~~ How about this prop wall or swing set or this classroom?
Kula: Are we doing this when we go upstairs to visit your potential aka 'She-who-shall-not-be-name'
Chibi Helen: Upstairs has a no product photography clause. The one guy who can be shot upstairs isn't here.
Yuri: Come on guys, Let's go see what we can find before a random doll gets its little hands on Master
Chibi Helen: I oculd use a Momoko shell.

Taki: AZONE Tadaima!!!!
Pureneemos: Okaeri!!!!!
005 azone000

Pureneemos: KONNICHIWA!!!!!!!!! Would you like a classroom full of neemos?
005 azone001

Water Witch Miu(?): Or a living room set?
005 azone010

005 azone002

Sailor Uranus: In the name of Pullipdom! Would you like to add a Pullip to your team?
005 azone003

Amane: Summon Amane into your life! be my Master! Amame will serve you faithfully!
005 azone011

005 azone012

005 azone008

005 azone009

005 azone007

005 azone005

005 azone006

Summer Holiday GO!!!!!!!!
Unlimited Momoko Works!
Licca-chan Hetairoi!
Gate of I.Doll-dom!
Dolliehmon Tour
The Azone ~~~~ Neemo Neemo Neemo Neemo~~
Doll Fort Parabox
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