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Team of Dolls
Play. Inspire. Entertain. In lols we seek
VGMAND 2015 Tokyo -Dolliehmon Tour  
3rd-Aug-2015 06:57 am
Chibi Helen: Sing it! You know you want to! We're all going on a summer holiday~ No more work for a week or two~~~
Kula & Yuri: Really?
Taki: I hope so.
000 VGMAND flight003

Kula: Are you ready?! Gosh! So excited to be sent overseas to work! I hope the inflight movies are good (Chappie, Tomorrowland, Parasyte, Shaun the sheep and so that's what Frozen is)
000 VGMAND flight002

Kula: Are we there yet?
000 VGMAND flight001

Megu-Chun texting - Arrived safely in Tokyo in the middle of a serious heatwave. Will take note on rescheduling shoots and making sure everybody stay hydrated to avoid heatstroke. Tokyo team may not be as active as expected to reduce chances of exhuasting our Master. Kula needs to keep conjuring up ice cubes.
001_TOD Ueno004

001_TOD Ueno003

Chibi Helen: Back in Tokyo again ^_^ So technically I'm not in my other shell. but yeah. 3/4 of the team managed to pop by by now if you don't count the alternate shells or alternate age characters
001_TOD Ueno002

001_TOD ueno001

Taki: Kamehameha!!!!!!

Kula: Summer! Is fireworks season in Japan!!
Yuri: So we went to a real one! ^_^
Taki: Or the baseball field at the non ticketing area near Itabashi Hanabi firing ground.


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Kula: Small town next to Mount Takao. Keio Line round trip Train ticket from Shinjuku contains ticket for chair lift and cable car.
001_TOD Takaosan002

001_TOD takaosan003

001_TOD Takaosan001<

Neko Helen: Heading up Mt Takao?(Or down in this shot) Ride the cable car or chair lift up if you're not used to the starting incline @_@. Feet blisters ain't fun in this heat no.
001_TOD Takaosan005

Taki: Hydrangeas in bloom.
001_TOD takaosan004

Kula: Much apologies for not doing Slamdunk dunk shoot even though we found the place in the OP. We had to cut short this one and Yowapeda Enoshima as it has gotten too hot. See our master's blog for stuff related to Gotokuji and Asagaya Tanabata
001 VGMAND slamdunk001

001 VGMAND slamdunk002

No we didn't make it to the Digimon fest. Opted to do the Ghost in the Shell ticket challenge instead.
001_TOD dolliehmon 006

Neko Helen & Neko Taki: Freyamon!!!!!! Digivolve!!!!!!
001_TOD dolliehmon 006

001_TOD Dolliehmon 002

Chibi Helen: Paranekomon!!!!!!
001_TOD Dolliehmon 003

001_TOD Dolliehmon 004

Taki: PureneemoAikamon!!!!!!!!
001_TOD Dolliehmon 005

Kula: GRETELMON!!!!!! CREDIT CARD SLASH!!! Upsize to 1/3 Gretelmon!!!!!!!!
Whatdoyoumean this isn't your credit card?! A SUICA card has money dosen't it?!
001_TOD Dolliehmon 007

Summer Holiday GO!!!!!!!!
Unlimited Momoko Works!
Licca-chan Hetairoi!
Gate of I.Doll-dom!
Dolliehmon Tour
The Azone ~~~~ Neemo Neemo Neemo Neemo~~
Doll Fort Parabox
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