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Team of Dolls
Play. Inspire. Entertain. In lols we seek
VGMAND 2015 Tokyo - I.Doll Vol 44  
2nd-Aug-2015 10:20 am
Megu-Chun: Inflitrating!! Gate of IDolldom!!!!
Going Idoll
Google translate is useful at times like these. Depending on how thing go sometimes you might get two doll events back to back with Dolpa, Dollshow or other events.

Megu-Chun: Idoll vol 44. The main event that we follow our Master to Japan for, after circumstances and logistics caused us to be unable to make it to Dollshow (12 July) or inflitrate a Dolpa(9 Aug) or even a wonfes (26 Jul). We found Idoll and had to dig for more information.

Dollshow (as seen on the awesome Taitan-no net) is a mainly Japanese companies based event. It showcases coming releases for the year. And then there's the craft and clothing booths that follows. Chances are you get stuff for your 1/3 vinyls as well as 1/6ers. Event happens various times of the year and is mainly based in Tokyo.

Dolpa is mainly Volks doll and clothing release event. Based on limited information we have, there should be booths by crafters with stuff to fit your DDs and bjd similiar in size to the Super Dollfie. This is one event that can be found outside of Tokyo at various points of the year.

Idoll consist of dolls and stuff from international companies. There's somea mix of big name clothing companies (Sadol, 9style, etc) and well as small craft shops(mask traditional/steampunk, armor, etc). Some customised DDs and bjds were up for sale (eyes, wigs, etc). If you're into kimonos, its definitely worth a visit. For us, we're mainly there to hunt down props since Big Helen has more than enough clothes and I'm just waiting for the Parabox-Azone trip.....
Event happens at various times of the year and can be found outside of Tokyo (see Taiwan and Hong Kong links on site for more information).

Megu-Chun: IDoll 44 was spread over 3 floors when combined with Marche (Accessories and stuff for 1/1 humans, dolls might find some suitable stuff. We were there before opening time and so joined the queue in the waiting area after purchasing admission book.
004 idoll-omake

Close to opening time the event staff leads us up via the stairway of the buidling. The main stuff we want are on the 4th floor so while folks branch off at the 3rd floor, others like us continue onto the 4th or 5th floor.
Do note what floor the main things you want are on. Its really crowded around opening time so it may be difficult or not recommended to switch floor around the first hour(or was that Dollshow? Anyway, Common sense and paitence is required).

Megu-Chun: Of course please ask permission before shooting a doll and don't touch them no matter how much you want to squee over them.

Levi Heichou thinks you cheating at cards (One of the 3 version of IOS Levi?)
004 IDollT44-001

004 IDollT44-002

004 IDollT44-003

004 IDollT44-004

Megu-Chun: Tiba dolls makes stuff for Dollfie Dreams but can be adjusted to fit 1/3 bjds
004 IDollT44-005

004 IDollT44-006

004 IDollT44-007

004 IDollT44-008

004 IDollT44-009

004 IDollT44-010

004 IDollT44-011

004 IDollT44-012

004 IDollT44-013

004 IDollT44-014

004 IDollT44-015

Megu-Chun: This gives our Master a good idea what a Dear mine (MSD?) cat sizing would be like (the grey one).
004 IDollT44-016

Megu-Chun: Finally get to see what Mr Lion(These guys?) looks like in person
004 IDollT44-017

004 IDollT44-018

004 IDollT44-019

004 IDollT44-020

004 IDollT44-021

004 IDollT44-022

Summer Holiday GO!!!!!!!!
Unlimited Momoko Works!
Licca-chan Hetairoi!
Gate of I.Doll-dom!
Dolliehmon Tour
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Doll Fort Parabox
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