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Team of Dolls
Play. Inspire. Entertain. In lols we seek
VGMAND 2015 Tokyo - Licca-chan in Tokyo 
1st-Aug-2015 12:47 pm
Taki: To the Licca-chan Hetairoi!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kula: And pick up shoes!!!!
Chibi Helen: Is it just me or do we have a Fate theme for doll event posts this time round?
001_TOD vgmand

Pick up shot
Previously some point at home.
000 VGMAND 000

Chibi Helen: From what we understood. This fair was some kind of Custom a Licca/ Renew a Licca event. They have heads(with/without faceup) of varied color hair for you to pick up and then add on body and clothing of choice.

Yuri: Due to insufficent information understanding on our part, we weren't sure what to expect but it turns out well that we could pick up the red yukata that Kula wears.

Kula: Didn't shop much since Momoko Mission exhuasted us and we have fireworks trip waiting in the evening.

Taki: Summer is Fireworks season in Japan. Festivals at shrine and food stalls lined up from one end to another.
003 Licca001

003 Licca002

003 Licca003

Chibi Helen: Yes we been collecting Jenny/Licca yukatas for a while now that we just get more to fit the color scheme...
003 Licca004

003 Licca005

Kula: Down.... by the sea~~~~ Hanging out with nekomimis~~~~~
003 Licca006

003 Licca007

003 Licca008

Yuri: The Licca-chan Hetairoi
003 Licca010

003 Licca009

003 Licca011

003 Licca012

003 Licca013

003 Licca014

Kula: That's it?!
Chibi Helen: Well we have to go. Running short of time to our next location.

Summer Holiday GO!!!!!!!!
Unlimited Momoko Works!
Licca-chan Hetairoi!
Gate of I.Doll-dom!
Dolliehmon Tour
The Azone ~~~~ Neemo Neemo Neemo Neemo~~
Doll Fort Parabox
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