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Team of Dolls
Play. Inspire. Entertain. In lols we seek
VGMAND 2015 Tokyo - Momoko Mission 3!  
1st-Aug-2015 10:08 am
Taki: Team of Dolls in Tokyo brings you: Momoko Mission 3!!!!! (Momokoお買い物大作戦sp3)
Kula: Unlimited Momoko Works~~~~~~~~~~~~!
Yuri: Very huge pic spam after the jump.
Kula: These pics kinda sums up what we did for our trip as well~~~~~~~~

002 Momoko3000

Chibi Helen: Need to fill up a survey form as well. As far as we know from google translate. This fair is to celebrate Sekiguchi Momoko's 10th anniversary as well as preview the next line of related dolls. Various craft and sales booths were involved, at which we picked up some clothes and shoes. d (^_^) b
002 Momoko poster

Flight Stewardess: Thank you for flying Air Momoko.
002 Momoko3001

002 Momoko3002

002 Momoko3003

002 Momoko3004

002 Momoko3005

002 Momoko3006

Kula: Oooh archery. The latest range of Azone stuff and bodies was on sale was on sale as well.
002 Momoko3008

Kula: We kinda notice that the various craft booth have kimonos on sale.
002 Momoko3009

002 Momoko3010

002 Momoko3012

002 Momoko3011

002 Momoko3013

Taki: These two girls are Ruruko, They are the counterpart to XS Pureneemo (22cm) in a Momoko to Obitsu kind of way
002 Momoko3014

002 Momoko3015

Madame Momoko: Madame Momoko sees a Momoko in your future~~~~ (Yes this be a Pulip Luka Megurine outfit I wearing)
002 Momoko3016

002 Momoko3017

Kula: Oooh Ooh!!! furniture!!!
Chibi Helen: We can't get them until we get the doll shelf ready.
002 Momoko3018

002 Momoko3019

002 Momoko3020

002 Momoko3021

002 Momoko3022

002 Momoko3023

002 Momoko3023

002 Momoko3024

002 Momoko3025

002 Momoko3026

002 Momoko3027

002 Momoko3028

002 Momoko3029

002 Momoko3030

002 Momoko3032

002 Momoko3034

002 Momoko3035

002 Momoko3035

002 Momoko3037

002 Momoko3037

Kula: A bear there was a bear. She's a Ruruko dress up there!

002 Momoko3038

002 Momoko3038

Chibi Helen: Either they were selling custom made boy Momokos for the fair or there were potentially boy Momokos in the line some point in the future. This part we did not enquire.
002 Momoko3039

002 Momoko3040

002 Momoko3040

002 Momoko3041

002 Momoko3041

Chibi Helen: Not entirely sure why I didn't buy this dress for myself or Erika to share.... >_<'
002 Momoko3042

002 Momoko3043

002 Momoko3044

002 Momoko3045

002 Momoko3047

Taki: Whatdoya mean this isn't our hotel?!
002 Momoko3042

Yuri: This is a diorama area for visitors to shoot their dolls. There is suppose to be a Momoko photo contest online at their site.
002 Momoko3036

002 Momoko3043

Obi-Chun: A qipao from 手作り工房ViVi. It fits m M-bust Obitsu snugly. I like this a lot. Thank you very much.
002 Momoko3044

002 Momoko card 001

002 Momoko card 002

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