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Team of Dolls
Play. Inspire. Entertain. In lols we seek


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Megu-Chun : Gone Hong Kong for a trip. Being a fan of Louis Cha novels based TV/movies, Ghost in the Shell and Hong Kong Street Fighter comics. Much geeking about was involved. Dollism Plus 11 pics in flickr album, still not very used to posting like this.

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14th-Apr-2017 06:46 pm - A note from Team of Dolls
Jack: Until we figure out how to use Live Journal with Flickr codes(or an easier way to paste image codes) again. Our most current Albums will be on https://www.flickr.com/photos/teamofdolls/
17th-Mar-2016 07:10 am - Morning kata
Jack: Zzz....
Helen:....Is there coffee? No? *remains in the doll bag
Obi-Chun: Go knock yourself out. We're leaving this one for you. *noms sandwich and enjoys the view
Obi-Chun: What?! None of us are wearing anything suited for this shoot.
Ryu: Lazy bums.

Morning kata001

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4th-Mar-2016 05:20 pm - Continues adventuring
Helen: Any landing you can walk away from is a good one. No I didn't get into a crash. However I am amused that I ended up being the pilot type character instead of Jack.
Select your advenure!!

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Megu-Chun: Doll Fort Parabox~~~~~~~~~! So good to be back!
Chibi Helen: Even though the four of us came from the Junkyspot side of things
Yuri: There's a definite Fate/Stay Trend to most of these blog subtitles
Kula: Oh oh! Can I get new eyes?

Gretel: Would you like to upsize your S-Gretel to a 1/3 Gretel to accompany your Megu?
005 Parabox 001

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4th-Aug-2015 12:33 pm - VGMAND 2015 Tokyo - The AZONE
Kula: Neemo Neemo Neemo Neemo-
*Taki smacks Kula on the upside of the head.
Kula: OW!!!! What was that for?!!?!?!
Taki: Azone label shop is not the Twilight zone! My relatives are here!
Yuri: Along with some Obitsu, Visual doll, Momoko, Fashion Royalty Pullips

Voice from shop: Buy me! Buy me! Buy me!
Yuri: Are we suppose to suppress Azone temptation?
Chibi Helen: Nope. We're here to get a spare Aika shell or Momoko and more Obitsu
Yuri: More Obitsu?
Chibi Helen: What's one more? 11 is a symmetrical number.

Voice from shop: Buy this nice outfit for your Neemos and Obitsu if you're not buying me!!!
Kula: Who is that?!
Chibi Helen: Probably a PH2-W01 that Obi-Chun 's operating remotely, if not an Aika calling for Taki. Or my Obi50 head.
Yuri: No way! She can do that?!
Chibi Helen: She's not the Mother of Dolls for nothing, you know.
Voice from shop: Stay longer~~~ How about this prop wall or swing set or this classroom?
Kula: Are we doing this when we go upstairs to visit your potential aka 'She-who-shall-not-be-name'
Chibi Helen: Upstairs has a no product photography clause. The one guy who can be shot upstairs isn't here.
Yuri: Come on guys, Let's go see what we can find before a random doll gets its little hands on Master
Chibi Helen: I oculd use a Momoko shell.

Taki: AZONE Tadaima!!!!
Pureneemos: Okaeri!!!!!
005 azone000
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3rd-Aug-2015 06:57 am - VGMAND 2015 Tokyo -Dolliehmon Tour
Chibi Helen: Sing it! You know you want to! We're all going on a summer holiday~ No more work for a week or two~~~
Kula & Yuri: Really?
Taki: I hope so.
000 VGMAND flight003

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2nd-Aug-2015 10:20 am - VGMAND 2015 Tokyo - I.Doll Vol 44
Megu-Chun: Inflitrating!! Gate of IDolldom!!!!
Going Idoll
Google translate is useful at times like these. Depending on how thing go sometimes you might get two doll events back to back with Dolpa, Dollshow or other events.
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Levi Heichou thinks you cheating at cards (One of the 3 version of IOS Levi?)
004 IDollT44-001
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Taki: To the Licca-chan Hetairoi!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kula: And pick up shoes!!!!
Chibi Helen: Is it just me or do we have a Fate theme for doll event posts this time round?
001_TOD vgmand

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Taki: Summer is Fireworks season in Japan. Festivals at shrine and food stalls lined up from one end to another.
003 Licca001

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Taki: Team of Dolls in Tokyo brings you: Momoko Mission 3!!!!! (Momokoお買い物大作戦sp3)
Kula: Unlimited Momoko Works~~~~~~~~~~~~!
Yuri: Very huge pic spam after the jump.
Kula: These pics kinda sums up what we did for our trip as well~~~~~~~~

002 Momoko3000

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Flight Stewardess: Thank you for flying Air Momoko.
002 Momoko3001

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